EMQ Families First: Value-driven Practice, Value-driven Change

On February 24, we were delighted to have the opportunity expand our work with EMQ Families First, which is working on organization-wide co-occurring capability. We began that work in 2014 in the Bay Region, which is primarily based in Santa Clara County, developing implementation plans with a team of change agents across all the programs using the COMPASS™. The process has gone so well that they are eagerly expanding into the Central Region, which is primarily based in Fresno. On February 24, we did a launch in Fresno, providing consultation to their change agent team and management team, and training to over 60 staff about the basics of CCISC and co-occurring capability development.

We’re looking forward to further work with both regions, continuing to advance this process throughout the organization. We’re very impressed with EMQFF’s ability, as a large provider, to organize value-driven practice and value-drive change organization-wide. It’s one of the strongest organizations that we’ve worked with in that regard, and it makes their ability to do this work much more successful for them.

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