January 2018

Interdepartmental Serious Mental Illness Coordinating Committee:

Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute:   Dr. Cline and Dr. Minkoff, along with Sam Shore, began participation in a Texas Health and Human Services Committee joint workgroup with the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute (MMHPI) on substance use disorders, with an initial focus on aligning data and policy recommendations to the House Select Committee. The recommendations to the state legislature continue to be aligned with findings and recommendations from the Houston Endowment funded project to assess the substance use disorders delivery system for Harris County (Houston). Dr. Minkoff has worked to create a summary of evidence-based practices for substance use disorder systems and services, including universal co-occurring capability, which aligns with MMHPI recommendations for the design of an ideal substance use disorder system using a population health framework.

Follow MMHPI at www.texastateofmind.org

CALM:   ZiaPartners and TriWest had the first two-day on-site visit with CALM (Child Abuse Listening Mediation, INC) on January 24-25 and were able to get a broad overview of the strengths and improvement opportunities for the whole organization, within each region (South County, North County, Lompoc) and program.   This will be formulated into a change plan that will involve significant telephone support at various levels of the organization leading up to the next on site visit, which is scheduled for May 9-10.

Follow CALM at http://calm4kids.org/  

PROJECT LAUNCH- Ballad Health System Initial on-site and telephone meetings are scheduled for February.

For more information about Ballad Health click here.

Community Mental Health of Central Michigan: On January, 8-9, Dr. Minkoff provided a successful on-site training and consultation on integrated services for individuals and families with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders for this regional multi-county system.

For more information about CMHCM click here.

Vermont Co-operative for Practice Improvement and Innovation (VCPI): Dr. Minkoff provided the final round of TA Conference calls to the six project teams in the statewide project to implement co-occurring competency.

For more information about VCPI click here.

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