A Self-assessment Tool for Behavioral Health Treatment and Service Provider Staff Working with Adults, Children, Youth and Families

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CODECAT-EZ™ is a tool for clinicians working on development of their recovery-oriented complexity (co-occurring) competency. This tool provides a way for staff to evaluate their own attitudes/values and knowledge/skills related to helping people and families with complex lives make progress in recovery. CODECAT-EZ™ also provides supervisory staff with a structured process to assist staff with competency development.

CODECAT-EZ™ is a key tool in successful CCISC implementation. CODECAT-EZ™ is used by systems, agencies, and programs as part of the CCISC process to help improve services to individuals and families with co-occurring mental health and substance use issues and other complex needs (i.e., medical needs, disability needs, housing needs, etc.). The CCISC process is specifically designed to change the way programs and systems are organized to support good clinical care for people with complex (co-occurring) issues. Most important, from the clinician point of view, CCISC is also designed to help each clinician in each program feel more successful and have more fun working with the people and families with complex needs who they are already serving.

What are the Outcomes of Using the Tool?

For a clinician, the CODECAT-EZ™ allows you to see where you feel that you have strengths in working with clients with complex (co-occurring) disorders, and where you feel that you have room to grow. This helps you to identify areas that you want to work on, and areas in which further training or practice will be helpful for you. It also introduces you to the principles of CCISC and how they might be applied to help you with your own work.

For a supervisor, the CODECAT-EZ™ allows you to see how your perceptions of your staff’s competencies compare to their perceptions of themselves. This helps you know where they might need more support or training, and helps you work with your staff more effectively in order for them to grow as clinicians and to be more effective with the people they serve.

For a program, looking at the results of the CODECAT-EZ™ for all clinicians as a group, or all supervisors as a group, can help the program identify clinical strengths as well as areas for further training and practice support.

Check out this PDF for a demo of CODECAT-EZ™ v1.


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