Very simply, ZiaPartners, Inc. helps systems and services make things better for individuals and families with complex needs.

We work with systems of any size, shape and complexity– states; provinces; regions; counties; local communities; managed care organizations; regional provider networks; ACOs; health, behavioral health, and human service provider organizations; individual agencies and programs; peer and family organizations; and front-line staff.  No request is too small, or too big.

Here are some examples of things we can help you with:

  • Finding your best starting place for developing integrated capacity and “complexity capability”.
  • Developing leadership, supervisor, and staff competencies.
  •  Revising policies and procedures, including Utilization Management, Quality Management, and funding instructions.
  • Building program-level “co-occurring/complexity” capability
  • Organizing Continuous Quality Improvement processes to support realtime implementation.
  • Assembling and coaching Change Agent Teams.
  • Assisting with strategic decision-making  and change management.
  • Developing “progressive” language for managed care intermediary contracting.
  • Helping managed care intermediaries develop and support value-based integrated services within existing funding allocations.
  • Bringing together system leaders, funders, providers, and stakeholders to organize transformational partnerships and processes.
  • Designing data-driven achievable implementation plans.