Welcome from ZiaPartners

ZiaPartners can help you understand, build and improve your services for individuals and families with complex life challenges. These challenges come in many forms, such as emotional, mental, and physical health conditions, substance use problems, as well as traumas, social distress, lack of supports and other significant life concerns. Please feel free to browse this website for information and resources to improve your services for individuals and families with complex needs.

ZiaPartners stands for:

  • Exceptional systems and services for people with complex needs
  • Empowered partnerships at every level of systems and services
  • Meaningful Impact in every setting, in every system, in every nation

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the world for individuals and families with mental health, substance use and cognitive challenges as well as other complex health and human service needs. Over time, every process, program, policy, procedure, practice and piece of paperwork, with every person providing help and every penny that we have, is designed fundamentally to be about the needs and hopes of the people who are in need, and the values that got us all into the helping business in the first place.

Our Vision

  • We envision global partnerships working to create exceptional and integrated systems of care and corresponding services at local, state, regional, national and multinational levels.
  • We envision accessible services for everyone to systems that truly serve those who need it most.
  • We envision a generation of change leaders and change agents carrying us to a future of  inspired services and systems.

Our Values

  • We commit to improving the lives of people with complex needs.
  • We respect human strength as the core.
  • We live because of hope.
  • We relate through empathy.
  • We trust that we all will find happiness and well-being.
  • We inspire others to collaborative action.
  • We partner to create fundamental solutions with lasting integrity.
  • We challenge old and new ways of thinking.
  • We are communicators of a vital message
  • We expect great experiences.