A Self-assessment Tool for Executive Leadership and Administrative Teams of Large Systems

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The COMPASS-EXEC™ is a self-assessment tool for leadership teams of behavioral health, health, and/or human services systems that are working on organizing themselves to develop, oversee, and support an integrated system of care. The tool is specifically created for executives, administrators, administrative staff, and core implementation staff working toward CCISC implementation at the system level in states, provinces, regional systems, counties, managed care networks, and so on. The focus of the tool is on identifying and improving administrative policies, procedures and practices that support the implementation of integrated systems and services.

The COMPASS-EXEC™ is organized by sections:

  • Setting the Direction and Creating the Partnership Framework
  • Organizing the Process
  • Departmental Staff Engagement and Competency Development
  • Implementation – Continuous Quality Improvement Philosophy, Structure and Function
  • Implementation – Targeting Initial Outcomes
  • Implementation – Policy Framework for Funding and Billing Practices
  • Implementation – Regulations, Standards and Contracts
  • Implementation – Project Management
  • Implementation – Development of Clinical Practice
  • Implementation – Co-occurring Competency Development
  • Interagency Collaboration
  • Subsystem Partnerships
  • System Transformation Outcomes and Evaluation
  • Continuation and Sustainability

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