A Self-assessment Tool for Prevention and Early Intervention Programs

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The COMPASS-PREVENTION™ is a program self-assessment tool for co-occurring capability or complexity capability that can be used by prevention and early intervention programs working in the context of systemwide CCISC implementation. The COMPASS-PREVENTION™ helps programs improve the design of prevention and early intervention services to be better matched to supporting holistic wellness promotion in populations where it is an expectation that individuals and families have complex lives, and that individuals and families at risk in one area are indicated targets for prevention and early intervention in many areas. COMPASS-PREVENTION™ is designed to be helpful to a wide array of programs providing prevention and early intervention services (e.g., education, information, screening, etc.) to individuals, groups, populations, or the public at large:

  • Primary or secondary prevention
  • Targeted or indicated prevention
  • Early intervention

COMPASS-PREVENTION™ brings together critical knowledge about what helps individuals and families—knowledge about integrated services, trauma-informed services, person-centered interventions, cultural competency, population-specific services, and most fundamentally, empathic relationships that inspire hope and help.

COMPASS-PREVENTION™ is designed to help programs:

  • Create a common language and understanding of complexity (co-occurring) capable services.
  • Create a foundation for an improvement process through an empowered conversation involving people in the program partnering to improve the program and its services.
  • Organize a baseline self-assessment of complexity (co-occurring) capability as the first step in a quality improvement process that leads to an action plan to make progress.
  • Develop welcoming services that inspire hope and provide help to people and families at risk of developing health, mental health and/or substance use conditions.
  • Provide services based on an integrated and holistic approach, in which health promotion, prevention, and early intervention address mental health and/or substance use issues together.
  • Participate in a continuous quality improvement partnership regarding complexity (co-occurring) capability development for all types of programs in any system of care.

COMPASS-PREVENTION™ is organized by sections that address aspects of a complexity (co-occurring) capable prevention/early intervention program’s design:

  • Philosophy
  • Management Structure
  • Access
  • Screening
  • Intervention Planning
  • Program Content
  • Interagency Relationships and Continuity
  • Staff Competency and Training

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