May 2017

Zia has had a very busy month since returning from April vacation.

We are completing our report on the BH System Assessment conducted in March for Smith County (Tyler), Texas, on behalf of the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute.

We are providing training and technical assistance this month to two regions of Uplift Family Services on the adoption of Whole Person Care.

We are continuing our work with McAlister Institute in San Diego on the improvement of integrated teamwork for individuals with complex needs.

Dr. Minkoff provided training and consultation to Adapt-Oregon a large mental health, substance abuse, and primary healthcare provider in Roseburg, Oregon.  Adapt leadership and staff have decided based on this training to initiate an organization-wide partnership to improve welcoming, recovery-oriented, co-occurring capability in all programs.

Finally, ZiaPartners is continuing consultation with The Jewish Board in New York City, with a focus on operationalization of an agency-wide practice for an improvement and quality management framework.

Please take a look at the great work these organizations are doing!