Identifying Strengths at Creative Health Services, Pottstown, PA

We are really excited to be continuing our consultation project with Creative Health Services in Pottstown, PA. This project, which began in November and will be completed in April, is funded by the Pottstown Area Health and Wellness Foundation. Our work there is to identify the strengths of Creative Health Services and help them to identify the degree to which they are meeting criteria to be a behavioral health center of excellence, as well as areas of potential improvement where they can grow and develop in line with their values to better serve their clients and their community. We (Ken and Chris) are very excited to partner on this consultation with Dotti Farr, from Farr Consulting. Dotti is based in Pennsylvania and is very familiar with the Pennsylvania landscape–she worked on CCISC implementation activities in Bucks County for years.

During our recent visit, we spent time working with Creative on using the ILSA™ as a guide for helping them to improve their assessment process. We also met with Community Health and Dental Clinic in Pottstown, which is Creative’s FQHC partner, about improving their overall capacity to collaborate around primary health/behavioral health integration, and visited with the psychiatric inpatient unit from Pottstown Memorial Hospital, who is very interested in partnering with Creative around improving co-occurring mental health and substance capability across the community.

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