Santa Barbara County: Integrated Structures and Approaches

On February 25-26, our system transformation consultation with Santa Barbara County resumed after a six-month hiatus, and we were delighted to be working with their new Behavioral Health Director, Alice Gleghorn, who comes to Santa Barbara from San Francisco. (We worked with Alice when she was basically in charge of the CCISC project in San Francisco nearly 10 years ago!) During this visit we worked with the change agents and visited several programs; we stimulated the development of some regional partnering meetings between county and CBOs in the Santa Maria North County Region and in Lompoc. We met with the Steering Committee, reconnected with various action teams and did some work helping to organize and develop an integrated management structure and an integrated workgroup approach to access. We’re very delighted to be back connected with Santa Barbara County, and look forward to further visits over the next several months to continue the process.

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