General Overview

Very simply, we help systems at every level to make things better for people and families with complex needs in all areas of mental and medical health, substance use, and human services.

We work with systems of any size, shape and complexity to address populations of all sorts:

  • We work with states; provinces; regions; counties; local communities; managed care organizations; large consulting firms; regional provider networks; ACOs; health, behavioral health, and human service provider organizations; individual agencies and programs; peer and family organizations; and front-line staff.
  • We help build capacity to address the needs of populations who have complex challenges:
  • Mental Health and Substance Use conditions
  • Health and Behavioral Health
  • Behavioral Health and cognitive disabilities (Intellectual Disabilities, Developmental Disabilities, and Brain Injuries)
  • Behavioral Health and criminal justice involvement
  • Behavioral Health and homelessness
  • Behavioral Health and child protective services, juvenile justice services, and schools
  • Behavioral Health and employment/education services
  • And all of the above combined………
  • We work with people at every level, and we meet each system or organization exactly “where it’s at”. No request is too small, or too big.
  • We provide training and materials for front-line staff.
  • We provide case-based learning for programs and teams.
  • We support designing programs and continua of service to meet the needs of communities.
  • We assist with policies and procedures at all levels, including Utilization Management, Quality Management, and funding instructions.
  • We help programs at every level become “co-occurring” or “complexity” capable, and we help staff at every level become “co-occurring, multi-occurring or complexity” competent.
  • We help organize Continuous Quality Improvement structures and processes at all levels for all types of population challenges.
  • We organize teams of Change Agents to partner with leadership to transform systems and organizations.
  • We help programs and provider organizations to engage in complex customer-oriented value-driven change processes to improve what they do for their populations.
  • We help systems utilize managed care intermediary contracting to leverage vision-driven change, including recovery-oriented and integrated services development within a quality improvement framework
  • We help managed care intermediaries develop and support value driven, recovery-oriented, integrated services within existing funding allocations and contract requirements
  • We help systems, funders, providers, and stakeholders – together – to organize collaborative, collective impact, transformational processes with data-driven achievable strategic implementation plans (SMART Goals).

We love to work at ALL of these levels and components at the same time.  We know we can help you and your organization achieve the best results—top-down, bottom-up and back again, in horizontal and vertical partnerships and collaborations.

We help everyone have as much fun as they possibly can by being inspired partners with everyone they serve and everyone they work with to achieve their most important values and goals within their community, their service system or their organization.